Friday, August 17, 2018

Please put yourself in my shoes

I really hate that my boyfriend is giving tuition to his best friend's little sister. Nothing romantic going on, but I cannot help but feel he is being bullied.

Just because it's a friend, doesn't mean you put your schedule on a tighter noose and squeeze out pocket change. On the bright side, it is real friendship. On the dark side, it is bullying. Maybe nobody meant it - paiseh to ask for monies. But the cost is so severe, I am just so angry. Cost, in my opinion. Maybe he doesn't think much of himself, I don't know.

Cost #1: Time. He is going to travel to their house. That takes 30+ minutes on average by bus. I have no idea how one can be productive in a bus ride without nausea. Assuming the session is 2 hours, he has lost 4+ hours of the day. And that is just teaching. Preparation and shit? Let's double it up to 8. One day gone. Unless you're telling me you are awake for 24 hours a day.

Cost #2: Money. It's about $1.30 per trip. Not that much. Still okay.

Cost #3: Change is the only constant. This one pisses me off the most. Today (tomorrow is the real deal), I realised they wanted to change the location to Serangoon, maybe because she needed/wanted to stay in school the whole day. Okay let's add another hour to extra travelling time, and an extra dollar. Hurrah.

Why is he, why are they, taking him for granted? I don't understand. Stop stealing him away from his studies. (I am not going to say "steal him away from me" because I don't use up 9 hours of his time per Saturday.) The grievous thing is that he is going to stretch his schedule like how I stretch my dollars. I know he is one hell of a capable man but I don't believe in jam-packing every waking minute of the day. Fucking ludicrous.

Do whatever you want, and don't tell me about it. It just gets me mad.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

My foot

Empathy? My foot. What about some consideration for the hundreds of us queueing behind you? It may seem to be only two minutes for you, but you ought to multiply this by a hundred. So who’s really in the wrong?

Sorry. Forgot to offer you some context. I was going through the Malaysia checkpoint. As it was a Saturday morning, the queues were longer than ever. I was in the queue for more than half an hour. My mother was really exhausted from the journey. My shoulders were aching. It was my turn really soon. Then, two westerners went to the people at the front of the queue. Those people were clad in orange-red shirts, like a cult. And yes indeed, they act all benevolent at the expense of others. HOW BENEVOLENT INDEED.

Anyway, those two westerners slid themselves into the queue after a minute of negotiation with the cult. What? Seriously? The uncle in front of me went up to them and told them to not cut the queue. They ignored him. I shouted something along the lines of “Don’t cut queue. Go behind.” and I repeated for a few times. They ignored me. Wow, they were a real embarrassment. (So was I, but I was simply expressing what the other people in the queue secretly felt.) I went up to the front and cut the cult’s queue. I stayed courageous / stubborn and sliced their queue into clean halves. It really was a pity I had no balls to cut all the way to the front, because I don’t want to be seen by the checkpoint officer :P I was seen anyway. I explained myself to the officer and there was nothing he could say against me.

The cult said they gave way to them because the couple had a flight to catch in 1 hour. And I was, like, “All of us behind are in a rush as well. So?” And an air-headed Chinese woman said, “Empathy. Don’t you have empathy?” And a Malay woman behind said, “They never go to school.” And another bitch said, “Small matter only. Why argue?”

These people have EQ as low as the seabed. In order to allow someone to cut the queue, everyone affected ought to be asked for permission to cut. Nobody has the right to add on to our waiting time like this. Since they broke the rules, I broke them too. Let’s stoop as low together since whoever comes out of the checkpoint first wins, according to YOUR GAME.

And aside from these scrubs, those two westerners are no better. Plan your own damn journey without affecting other people’s. If you missed your flight, you totally deserve it. We all know that check-in should be done 2 hours in advance. Ignorance is not bliss.

They have a flight to catch…for a holiday? But I have to rush…to visit my sickly grandfather. Get your priorities right. Seriously. (Flips hair.)

All in all, there are still so many idiots around. Hope they wake up soon and get some EQ for the good of the world. Thanks for reading. And shut your trap unless you support me (: